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    DriveAlign® Laser Alignment Tool

    Gates DriveAlign® Laser Tool is designed to detect and measure misalignment in Micro-V® drive systems. Made for fast, easy operation, the DriveAlign® Laser Alignement Tool helps automotive technicians quickly identify misaligned pulleys and drive components.

    • Quickly identify misaligned Micro-V® drive components
    • Specially designed magnetic feet to sit perfectly in K-section Micro-V® pulleys
    • Anodized red coating for high visibility
    • Laser type: 650nm visible laser diode
    • Operating time: 20 hours of continuous service
    • Battery type: replaceable lithium battery
    • Neatly packaged in a blow-molded plastic case for durability during handling and storage
    • Includes: laser tool, target piece, storage case

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    Aligned to Help Your Work Smarter

    The Gates® DriveAlign™ Laser Tool quickly enables automotive technicians to quickly identify parallel and angular offset, the two most common causes of serpentine drive misalignment, which can shorten component performance and life and cause unwanted engine noise.

    Features and Benefits

    • Laser type: 650mm visible laser diode.
    • Operating time: 20 hours of continuous service.
    • Battery type: replaceable lithium battery.
    • Neatly packaged in a blow-molded plastic case for durability during handling and storage.
    • Includes: Laser tool, target piece, storage case.

    Best in Class Power Transmission Solutions

    At Gates®, we don't just manufacture industry-leading power transmission products, we also produce innovative diagnostic solutions like the Gates DriveAlign™ Laser Tool, which saves auto technicians and fleet operators valuable time and money.

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