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    Lawn & Garden and Professional Landscaping

    The grass is always greener with Gates.

    Gates lawn, garden and professional landscaping solutions are designed to take on nature’s toughest landscaping tasks. Our premium-quality parts are built for your winter snowblowers and your backyard riding mowers, as well as commercial-grade equipment used by municipalities, athletic facilities, universities, and golf-courses to keep the grounds in tip-top shape. Gates solutions give you the power to keep your landscape looking great.

    Walk behind lawn mower

    When it comes to lawn & garden maintenance, our products are a cut above.

    As the trusted partner for leading outdoor equipment manufacturers, Gates lawn & garden solutions are OE exact. We design and engineer every lawn & garden product to exactly match the composition, construction, and fit of your original equipment, so you can get your yard work done with minimal downtime and maximum dependability.


    • BladeRunner OE-exact fit lawn and garden Gates belts provide more value and longer working life.
    • PoweRated V-belts with a patented flex-weave cover resist heat, oil and cracking.
    • Gates Barricade® fuel line hose has 5X better permeation performance than competing hoses.
    • MegaSys® and PRO Series Hydraulic hose assemblies provide reliable power to commercial landscaping equipment.