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    Reflecting decades of synchronous timing belt experience, the Gates TPU Synchro-Clean™ Food Grade Belting product line represents the next generation of food processing belts. Consisting of both conveyor belts and timing belts suited for use in direct or proximate food contact applications, our products offer a range of industry leading features including: sealed, embedded tension cords to minimize belt stretch; a robust pin splice design for quick belt fastening and removal of our conveyor belts, and a special sealed cord construction that improves cleanability and limits potential contamination areas. All of our Synchro-Clean products are high-performance, high-quality, easy to clean, and offer customization options to meet your specific needs.


    The Gates TPU Food Grade Belting product line is comprised of Synchro-Clean™ Food Grade Conveyor Belts which includes our PosiClean with teeth across the entire belt width, CenterClean with teeth in the center of the belt width, and FlatClean without teeth, and Synchro-Clean™ Food Grade Fabrication and Accessories used to customize our food grade line to your specific applications.