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GP80 Plus

General industrial applications such as oil, alcohols, aqueous solutions, hydraulic fluids, acids, detergents and chemicals. Validated with MegaCrimp (-4 to -20) and GlobalSpiral Plus (-24 to -24).

  • Temperature Range: 40°C to +95°C (-40°F to +203°F).
  • Static conductive for more security.
  • Working pressure: 3,7 to 3,0 MPa.
  • Size: 6 mm to 51 mm.
  • Design factor: 3:1.

All Parts

Part No. Product No. Description
GP80-10X40 3219-10032 GP80 PLUS-10mmxCL40
GP80-13X40 3219-10034 GP80 PLUS-13mmxCL40
GP80-16X40 3219-10036 GP80 PLUS-16mmxCL40
GP80-19X40 3219-10038 GP80 PLUS-19mmxCL40
GP80-25X40 3219-10040 GP80 PLUS-25mmxCL40
GP80-32X40 3219-10041 GP80 PLUS-32mmxCT40
GP80-38X40 3219-10003 GP80 PLUS-38mmxCT40
GP80-50X40 3219-10005 GP80 PLUS-50mmxCT40
GP80-6X40 3219-10028 GP80 PLUS-6mmxCL40
GP80-8X40 3219-10030 GP80 PLUS-8mmxCL40