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    Industrial OE and First Fit

    Product Application Engineering - Back Your Industrial Hose Applications with Gates Engineering

    Don’t Let Dysfunctional Hoses Leak Your Profits Away

    Air and fluid conducting industrial hoses need to handle a variety of potentially volatile materials during a given day of operation. Ruptured, cracked or leaking hoses can cause your operation to lose money to downtime for repairs or preventive maintenance or even lost product. Your industrial hose applications need to handle any material without fail for your operation to function properly and a dysfunctional hose could end up hurting your bottom line.

    Install the Efficiency of Gates in Your Operation

    Gates sets the standard for industrial hose engineering and manufacturing. Our experienced engineering, custom service and field sales experts will work with your facility manager to get your operations up to speed with the most reliable and efficient industrial hose solutions available.


    • Gates hose solutions can reduce costs.
    • MegaTuff abrasion resistant hose covers last longer than standard rubber hoses.
    • An offshore rig can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour in lost production when critical hose fails.

    Don’t risk sidelining your operation. Get the most from your industrial hose solutions. Talk to a Gates application engineer today.