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    Critical Flexible Hose Assembly Management System

    Drilling wells miles deep, technology demanding high pressure, high temperature (HP-HT) wells and increased lateral and directional drilling productivity requirements demand your hose systems perform in some of the most challenging working conditions in the world. That’s why Gates offers a full line of products and services to manage your critical Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHA) in the oil & gas industry, including:

    Black Gold® High Pressure Oil & Gas Hose for Energy, Exploration, and Extraction - Plus Hydraulic & Industrial Hose

    Our hose assemblies are rated up to 15,000 psi working pressure, and designed to meet or exceed the stringent performance requirements of API 7K and API 16C, in addition to many application-specific and regulatory standards. Researched, designed, tested, and made in the U.S.A. and other global locations, customized Gates hoses can be assembled and delivered to meet your needs - including emergency call-out responses.

    On Location - Site Survey

    With Gates On Site Services, a Gates hose specialist visits your location to perform a full, onsite application requirements (and risk assessment) of your FHAs. This includes in-situ visible inspection of your critical hose assembly, full product inventory, and scheduled maintenance analysis. Upon completion, we will provide you with detailed component bill of materials by location and operating system, to support on-going compliance and safety reviews, with recommended replacement intervals to avoid unplanned downtime. 

    High Pressure, Flexible Hose Assembly Technical Centers

    Our Engineering & Services Technical Centers are staffed and located globally in the major oil-producing regions to support our client’s and distributor’s local requirements to quickly produce large-bore certified hose assemblies and associated components to customer specifications for drilling, cementing, off-loading and transfer, critical safety system (BOP, Firewater Mains) and many more, backed by engineering, logistics and quality experts all eager to solve your daily challenges to maintain productive uptime.


    Gates offers a range of lightweight, versatile crimpers, capable of supporting on location hose assembly workshops for easy maintenance and quick replacement of factory-quality hose assemblies. Gates crimpers are engineered to save time and improve efficiency in your equipment maintenance, repair, or overhaul, versus waiting hours or days for offsite crimping.

    Hydraulic Fluid Flushing

    To ensure smooth, safe, and efficient operation of the hose lines, Gates offers onsite hydraulic fluid flushing. This process descales sediment, removes contaminants from the fluid, and replaces your hydraulic fluid filter to reduce wear on the line.