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    Longwall Mining

    Because extracting more coal is your business' goal.

    Longwall mining is one of the most efficient methods of coal extraction. It is also one of the most demanding. Gates combines world-class material science and expert engineering to manufacture products for the longwall mining industry that can take on the challenges of your longwall mining processes. Underground coal extraction is a complex and dangerous process, so we test our hydraulic (fluid power) and power transmission components to the highest standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency to ensure your equipment keeps running when you need it most.

    • Moving shields and disconnecting all the components on an average longwall could take hundreds of total man-hours, and cost a substantial amount in downtime.
    • Excess, non-returnable OEM inventory is expensive and costs will accumulate each year. Your local Gates Authorized Fabricator can supply all of your Longwall Assembly needs.

    Overcome your operational challenges.

    With the extreme conditions of Longwall mining, you need to ensure your critical equipment can withstand extreme demands, without compromising your workers safety or your forcing your operations into unscheduled downtime. Gates hydraulic and mining hose solutions meet or exceed industry standards and resist corrosion, wear, and abrasion, making them ideal for harsh underground conditions and the intense workloads that multi-shift or 24 hour operations place on equipment.

    Innovative locking systems for safer Longwall conditions.

    Revolutionary solutions from Gates are designed to help you flawlessly conduct standard mining operations. Gates iLok 5,000PSI Hand-Torqued coupling technology provides a secure, visible, and easily functioning hand-torqued locking system, so your workers won't have to resort to dangerous methods to move and reassemble Longwall mining equipment.