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    Gates Carbon Drive is revolutionizing the bicycle industry worldwide. Gates offers innovative bicycle solutions for every type of rider. From adventure mountain bikers to city commuters, Gates innovative bicycle products help you go further, faster. Stay free from rust and grease; and get a smooth, efficient ride with the strongest drive options on the market.

    Pedaling Progress

    Bicycles are an efficient, economical and healthy transportation and recreation option. By re-thinking the bicycle’s drive train, Gates is revolutionizing bicycle design by replacing one of the bike’s weakest links: greasy and noisy chains. Gates Carbon Drive is a clean, quiet, light and strong belt drive system that minimizes the hassle of bike maintenance and maximizes the fun and efficiency of cycling. No rust. No grease. No fooling. Gates Carbon Drive simplifies cycling, making it easier for more people to ride more often.

    Driving the Future

    We’re helping the bicycle industry come unchained. Our Carbon Drive belts replace antiquated chains with a solution that’s stronger, cleaner, quieter, more reliable and virtually maintenance- free. These performance advantages, combined with our large and ever-growing product line of sprockets, cranks and drive train components is why Gates Carbon Drive belts have been chosen by hundreds of the world’s top manufacturers. Our innovation is available on thousands of bicycle models across all categories of styles—from ebikes and city commuters to mountain bikes, cargo, BMX, global trekking and even spin class stationary bikes. Gates is also pushing advances in bike sharing. Bike share programs have proliferated in cities worldwide, helping to relieve traffic congestion by providing low-cost rental bikes for short trips and “last mile” commuting to and from mass transit hubs. By using Gates Carbon Drive, bike share programs reduce fleet maintenance costs, increase customer satisfaction and enable the deployment of more bikes in more locations.


    • Unlike chains, Gates Carbon Drive belts never stretch, never rust and never need lubrication. If they get dirty, just hose them off. And they typically last two to three times longer than standard chains thanks to Gates carbon fiber tensile cord technology.
    • Gates Carbon Drive belt system is designed and engineered from the ground up for bicycles. Gates product line includes the premium CDX line for high-mileage heavy duty applications and a lower-cost CDN line for urban and in-town use.
    • More than 500 bicycle brands worldwide use Gates Carbon Drive on thousands of bike models across all styles.
    • Bicycle brands consistently call Gates Carbon Drive one of the bicycle industry’s top suppliers for quality and reliability—a reputation we work hard to keep.

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    Gates red carbondrive belt on a bike

    Something for Everyone

    Mountain, road, and urban bikers alike benefit from Gates innovative Carbon Drive technology. We’re replacing the status quo of chains with a smarter alternative – belts.


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