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    Racing Performance

    Engineered for Victory.

    First-place performance doesn't come from second-class parts. Gates racing parts and components are engineered to withstand the rigors of extreme competition. From high-performance belts designed to transmit power more reliably and efficiently, to silicone tubing designed to resist high temperatures, Gates racing performance solutions offers quality and reliability that you'll only find from an aftermarket leader.

    • Gates RPM serpentine belts are designed to eradicate slip and maintain maximum boost.
    • RPM timing belts are not only 300% stronger than standard aftermarket belts, they also provide up to 3X the heat resistance.
    • Gates specialty hose and silicone tubing, coupled with PowerGrip® hose clamps, are designed to optimize your engine's performance.

    Gates timing belt technologies are ahead of their time.

    We knew that automotive racing enthusiasts and performance vehicles need timing belts that protect your performance vehicle's engine, while also delivering extreme power in high speed applications. So, we compiled a team of automotive experts and product engineers, and spent years working with some of the top automotive manufacturers and racers in the world to create our innovative RPM timing belts. Gates timing belts are constructed with HNBR elastomeric composites and a specially designed tensile cord and tooth jacket for high strength and heat resistance, engineered to hold up to the rigors of high horsepower from the road to the racetrack.