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Air Brake Copper Tubing Compression Tube Sleeve Nut

Gates® Air Brake Copper Tubing Compression fittings are used with copper tubing in air brake systems, as well as compressed air connections on suspension, steering, engine, transmission, and auxiliary components

  • Easy to assemble, no flaring tools required
  • Versatile - can be used with nylon tubing by replacing the long nut and sleeve with an insert, rigid sleeve, and nut.

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Part # Product # Description A1 Outside Diameter A2 Outside Diameter T1 Thread T2 Thread Thread Size Thread Size 2
10TSN-ABCT / G30060-0010 725000095 G30060-0010 10TSN-ABCT 1361X10 0.625 in 13/16-18 in
12TSN-ABCT / G30060-0012 725000105 G30060-0012 12TSN-ABCT 1361X12 0.75 in 1-18 in
4TSN-ABCT / G30060-0004 725000065 G30060-0004 4TSN-ABCT 1361X4 0.25 in 7/16-24 in
6TSN-ABCT / G30060-0006 725000075 G30060-0006 6TSN-ABCT 1361X6 0.375 in 17/32-24 in
8TSN-ABCT / G30060-0008 725000085 G30060-0008 8TSN-ABCT 1361X8 0.5 in 11/16-20 in
1-5 of 5 Items