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    General Manufacturing

    It takes a manufacturer to know a manufacturer.

    As a global manufacturing company, we understand your manufacturing challenges. We’ve leveraged over a century of industry experience to create solutions to help you maximize efficiency and minimize downtime, all while helping you meet your safety, quality, delivery and working capital performance targets.

    Manurfacturing controls in a manurfacturing facility

    Your production made more productive.

    You’ll find Gates parts working hard in factories all over the world. From replacing outdated roller chains with maintenance-free synchronous belt drives, to designing hose and hydraulic systems that reduce maintenance and improve safety, Gates continues to provide the resources, support, and solutions you need to power progress across the production line.

    • Ongoing product innovation and application engineering support to keep your operations running effectively.
    • Gates PowerGrip® GT®3 and Poly Chain® GT® Carbon synchronous belt drives consistently operate at over 98% efficiency.
    • Extensive line of Megasys , PRO series and Plant Master® hoses that offer application solutions for conveying a variety of fluids with options for high-temperature or abrasive applications.