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Longwall Couplings

Reduce the time and cost of moving longwall mining equipment.

  • Patented design for quick release and reconnection.

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Part # Product # Description C (mm)
40LW-40FILOR-TCX 734600555 40LW-40FILOR-TCX
40LW-40MILX-TCX 734600545 40LW-40MILX-TCX
40LW-40PLLF XBULK 71071001 40LW-40PLLF XBULK 77.5
40LW-40PLLM XBULK 71071000 40LW-40PLLM XBULK 72.5
40LW1FXBULK 71071002 40LW1FXBULK
1-5 of 5 Items