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Green Stripe® Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps

When you need to keep your operation running, whether you're repairing medium or heavy-duty truck systems, off-road equipment, or industrial applications, keep your hoses in place Green Stripe® Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps. Our heavy-duty clamps were designed for use in heavy-vibration environments and have a larger diameter applications to seal liquid or air connections on hoses.

  • Built for use with medium and heavy-duty trucks, off-road equipment, and industrial machinery
  • Designed to operate in high-vibration applications
  • Clamp has large diameter, required for use with large machinery

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Part # Product # Description
32749 74221049 32749 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 1.375-1.5625 IN
32750 74221050 32750 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 1.5-1.625 IN
32751 74221051 32751 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 1.625-1.875 IN
32752 74221052 32752 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 1.75-2.0 IN
32753 74221053 32753 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 1.875-2.1875 IN
32754 74221054 32754 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 2.0-2.3125 IN
32755 74221055 32755 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 2.125-2.4375 IN
32756 74221056 32756 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 2.25-2.5625 IN
32757 74221057 32757 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 2.375-2.6875 IN
32758 74221058 32758 GS T-BOLT CLAMP 2.5-2.8125 IN
1-10 of 39 Items

Engineered for Heavy-Duty

Gates® specifically designed and manufactured Green Stripe™ Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps for use in the harsh conditions found under the hood of heavy-duty trucks. The hose clamps are equipped with a durable, steel t-bolt which can be tightened by a hex-nut for maximum security.

Good Vibrations.

When you're running heavy-duty operations, no matter the application, components will be under the stress of high-vibrations. The Green Stripe™ Heavy Duty T-Bolt clamps were designed for use to not only endure, but excel under these harsh conditions.