Diesel Exhaust Fluid Hotline™ SCR Hose Assemblies Brochure

Find Gates Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Hotline™ SCR Hose Assembly system and product information in this sell sheet.

GoodReasons Changeover Program Brochure

Learn the benefits of the Gates GoodReasons Changeover Program, including profit increases and inventory upgrades customers receive when switching. 

Electric Water Pumps

This infographic explains the importance of electric water pumps in vehicles.

Engine Cooling Fan Module

Learn the benefits of Gates’ OE quality Engine Cooling Fan Control Modules, designed with high quality materials for maximum durability and performance.

Heater Hose Assemblies

Find OE Exact replacement Heater Hose Assemblies benefits in this sell sheet.

Electric Heater Control Valves

Learn how our Electric Heater Control Valves control air temperature and other benefits in this sell sheet.

iLok™ Coupling

Learn how the iLok™ coupling replaces the traditional staple-lock and super-staple-lock coupling for use in a longwall mine.

Coolant Outlets

This sell sheet outlines how Gates Coolant Outlets provide an improved and cost-effective answer to other aftermarket options.

Thermostats and Caps

Learn how Gates provides the best coverage of caps and thermostats.

Turbo Charger Steel Tube Kit

This sell sheet outlines how the Gates’ Turbocharger Steel Tube Kit is specifically designed for the Ford V-8 6.0 L engine, and the benefits of it.

Emissions and Ventilation Hoses

Learn how Gates is now a superior resource for problematic ventilation hoses on many popular applications.

Variable Valve Timing Solenoids

Find information on how to use Variable Valve Timing Solenoids to restore the system to proper performance.

Fan Pulley Brackets

Gates offers a complete line of OE Exact Fan pulley brackets designed with high quality bearings and casting materials to maximize service life.

Accessory Belt Drive System

For information about the Gates Accessory Belt Drive Hardware Kit, refer to this sell sheet.


Learn why the Gates FleetRunner®Heavy-Duty belts last longer between services.


Trust Gates Micro-V®Aramid belts for the best application-specific construction, exact fit and complete coverage.

System Smart Belt Education Display

Gates System Smart Belt Education Display will help inform your customers about the importance of serpentine and timing belt systems maintenance.

Alternator Decoupler Pulleys Tool Kit

Learn how one kit eliminates the need to shop around for hard-to-find tools and reduces service bay downtime that can take a toll on dealer profits.

DriveAlign® Laser Tool

Learn about how the DriveAlign® Laser Tool is an updated tool for misalignment detection.