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    Gates is drawing on over 110 years of automotive market innovation and our well-established global footprint to take our established thinking to electrified thinking.


    Taking environmental inspiration and applying it to product innovation, we are excited to share our vision of the electrified future whilst navigating the legislative complexities present in the industry today.

    Gates ThermalPro water pumps have been specifically developed to optimise energy efficiency whilst delivering performance and reliability improvements for the systems they are used within. 


    Fundamental to the technological efficiencies exhibited by the ThermalPro motor has been our ground up development approach using our in-house materials science and engineering knowledge.

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    • Scalable and modular power: 130W to 2.5kW
    • Light weight / compact package
    • Up to 30% efficiency improvement over standard radial flux products
    • Flexible mounting: Direct or Chassis mounted capabilities

    Download an introduction to the ThermalPro product family and select the CAD models for the solution required by your application.




    Gates offer solutions that are bespoke to the application with the capability to support complete development partnerships with our in-house engineering, analysis, testing and validation. 


    Using our systems engineering development experience the Gates team has the confidence that our technological solutions will drive significant benefits to your specific applications 


    Contact us to investigate the benefits that Gates ThermalPro water pumps can drive for you.