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    Tru-Power™ Powerband® Belt

    Gates designed and produced the industry's first V-belt and today is the world's largest manufacturer of V-belts, timing belts and Micro V belts. With the widest and most comprehensive range of sizes you'll ever find on the market today, our full range of high performance automotive V-Belts covers most passenger cars, light trucks, buses and heavy-duty truck applications. You will never have to look elsewhere for another V-Belt. Now you can eliminate lost sales by offering your customers the exact Gates V-Belt that they'll need. Our Tru-Power™ V-Belts have been proven through extensive laboratory and field testing to be able to outlast and outperform all other competitor's belts. These belts are capable of withstanding a greater angle of pulley misalignment with maximum resistance to heat and oil; the main enemies of automotive drive belts.

    • Improved stability and flexibility - suitable for smaller pulleys with small wrapping angles.
    • Assures exact size, precise top width, dimensional control and angle.
    • Low stretch, maintenance-free performance.

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    N° de pièce N° de produit la description Largeur au sommet (pouces) Largeur au sommet (mm) Longueur effective (pouces) Longueur effective (mm) Cranté Angle Circonférence extérieure (pouces) Circonférence extérieure (mm) Section Nombre de stries


    • Made of high modulus, thermally active tensile cords.
    • Meets or exceeds JASO E108 specification.
    • High precision forming/grinding.
    • Molded regular notch design.
    • Higher shock load resistance.
    • Belt runs cooler and quieter.
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