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    MXG™ 4K-XTP with XtraTuff™ Plus Cover

    Built with our proprietary wire-braid process technology, MegaSys™ MXG™ 4K High Pressure Hydraulic hose is lightweight, highly flexible, and qualified to ONE MILLION impulse cycles — it’s a drop-in replacement for conventional spiral hoses. Using materials science advancements, design expertise and processing technologies, we engineered a hydraulic hose that exceeds the performance of wire spiral constructions, but with the lower weight and flexibility driven by Gates wire-braid technology. The XtraTuff™ Plus cover on MXG™ 4K hose offers 25X the abrasion resistance of standard covers, as well as impressive ozone resistance.

    • Exceeds performance criteria of ISO 18752 280DC, SAE 100R12, EN856 R12, and ISO 3862 R12; size -16 also rated for EN856 4SP. Also exceeds wire braid spec SAE 100R19.
    • Compact construction with excellent flexibility and lower force-to-bend for faster and more ergonomic installation (force-to-bend is 40% better and OD is 8% smaller).
    • Utilizes Gates GS GlobalSpiral™ couplings for 1,000,000 cycle impulse performance; compatible with Gates Crimpers.
    • Temperature Range: -40°C to +121°C (-40°F to +250°F).

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    Features and Benefits

    • 1,000,000 cycle impulse life exceeds industry standards (2X spiral and 5X wire braid standards) with GS couplings.
    • Standard: Exceeds all criteria of ISO 18752 280DC and SAE 100R19; exceeds performance criteria of SAE 100R12, EN 856 R12, ISO 3862 R12 (Size -16 also exceeds EN 856 4SP performance requirements).
    • Cover: Black, synthetic rubber; smooth cover. XtraTuff™ Plus comes standard, providing abrasion and ozone resistance.
    • MXG™ 4K comes with Gates XtraTuff™ Plus, our latest material breakthrough, engineered for exceptional durability to cover your assets in the most demanding fluid power applications.
    • 30% lighter weight for easier handling and installation.
    • Certified: MSHA Flame Resistant.


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