Automotive Interchange Search

View the Gates solutions by entering a competitive cross reference part number or OEM part number for your heavy-duty or passenger car/light truck vehicle based on its application.

Search Hints

You use wildcard characters as placeholders for other characters when you are specifying a value you want to find and you:

  • Know only part of the value
  • Want to find values that start with a specific letter or match a certain pattern.

You can use the following wildcard characters in the search criteria:

Character Usage Example
* Matches any number of characters. It can be used as the first or last character in the character string. 645* finds 6453, 6459283, 645H1296
_ Matches any single character 6_5 finds 645, 655, 695


When searching for part numbers, all non-numeric and non-alphabetic characters are excluded.

Product Status Legend

Symbol Meaning
(blank) Active
Pending Cancelled