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    Why Kits?

    They get to the root of the problem. A worn or noisy belt is only part of the issue. A complete serpentine repair is the only way to do the job right.

    • Tensioners wear at the same rate as the belt
    • Without proper tension, even the best new belt can’t efficiently transfer power
    • A worn tensioner can make a new belt wear up to 2x faster
    • Loose parts take more time to source
    • Performing a complete system repair doesn't add much time, but adds a lot of value ( and protects against returns)



    Download the Gates Complete Serpentine Kit Sell Sheet



    Gates® Complete Serpentine Kits have all necessary components for a complete system restoration.

    • Packed in a tray to ensure part quality for the ultimate complete repair.
    • Covering over 99 million vehicles in operation. Look for the Gates® COMPLETE Serpentine Kit every time.


    Remove It, Replace it

    The best way to recommend a kit replacement solution?


    Any job where you're already removing a belt. Think critical repairs like the alternator, A/C compressor, water pump or power steering pumps: all connected by the belt. It's a great deal for the vehicle owner because the labor to remove the belt is already part of the original repair, and new parts are going to make the whole system work better and last longer.


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    • Gates Micro-V Serpentine Belt(s) [Stretch-Fit belt where required]
    • Related DriveAlign® Tensioner(s) 
    • Idler Pulley(s) included as required, per system



    Lifetime Manufacturer Parts + Labor Warranty

    Gates Complete Serpentine Kits come with lifetime warranty coverage on parts and labor when the kit is installed and the shop is registered. Providing the Gates for Life peace of mind for technicians, service advisers, shop owners and customers means results, returns and rewards worth a lifetime.




    Gates Virtual Garage

    Serpentine belts connect more critical system components than you might think.Watch the video to understand
    the system, and learn how complete repairs are the best long-term value for drivers.