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Gates live webinars give you, your team, or your students an opportunity to watch, listen, ask questions, and get answers in real-time, hosted by Gates industry experts and product application engineers. As your partner in powering progress, our live webinars are always free and without obligation. Just RSVP and get your team ready to learn.

  • Participation requires internet connection, a projector or computer screen, a set of good speakers, and a computer microphone or phone line to call in if you want to ask live questions.
  • Typical webinars last about 45 minutes, with an opportunity to ask questions upon completion.
  • If you’re an educator, inform your school’s IT department that you will be downloading information from Ask them to white sheet anything concerning so it can pass through the school’s firewall.

For more information about upcoming webinars, please contact your local Gates representative or Bobby Bassett at

Next Webinar July 10th - Let's Get Technical #2 /Understanding Belt Failures

Become System Smart around today’s automotive belt systems and learn why high mileage vehicle may require more than a single component replacement. During this webinar we will dive into why a belt fails, what the failures modes look like and how to read the failures to understand the corrective action of the repair.

After this webinar you will be able to: 

  • Explain why belt noise is systematic of a systems issue and not a belt issue!
  • Identify the 7 belt failures; Explain why they failed along with the corrective actions.
  • Diagnose belt noise/failure using the spray bottle test.
  • Explain why it’s important to replace both the belt and tensioner at the same time!
  • Diagnose the 4 failure modes of an automatic tensioner.
  • Explain the difference between parallel and angular misalignment in the belt system.

Expect to spend 35-45 minutes. Cost to participate: None 

To register for this webinar, pick the link below that best fits your schedule and register 

Archived Webinars

April 16th, 2019 -  Let’s Get Technical on Condition of Coolant - Find the latest information from Gates based around the high rates of warranties for components in the coolant system. During this webinar we communicate system insight, examine root cause failures and provide best practices when working on the coolant system. Click the play button below to view: