Gates Belt Drive for the Hospitality Industry

For this beach resort, switching to Poly Chain Carbon drives saved over half a million dollars and countless hours of maintenance.

Gates Belt Drive for the Automotive Industry

Chain wear and stretch was resulting in significant production loss. After switching to Gates, the belts run smoothly with little required maintenance.

Gates Belt Drive for the Aggregate Mining Industry

Roller chain drives need replacing every year, and that comes at a cost. Switching to a belt drive saved $40,450 in parts, labor, and the elimination of downtime over three years for this application.

Gates Super HC Belt Drive for the Chemical Processing Industry

These dryer fans were burning up almost once a week. Switching to a Super HC EPDM construction belt drive resulted in over $20,000 in savings due to reduced downtime and replacement costs.

Gates Belt Drive for Air Handlers in the Food & Beverage Industry

Air Handler V-belts needed to be replaced frequently, required significant maintenance, and were inefficient. Replacing these belts with Poly Chain resulted in annual savings of $14,500.

Gates Belt Drive for the Food Processing Industry

A sugar mill was experiencing inconsistent V-belt drive operation. With Poly Chain, the mill saved $34,000 in the first year after reducing the number of belts needing to be replaced and expensive maintenance time.

Gates Belt Drive for Conveying in the Bottling Industry

A bottle conveyor's chain stretched unevenly, causing bottles to pile up and break. The Gates drives eliminated stretching so speeds were consistent, which in turn eliminated scrapped product and downtime.

Gates Belt Drive for the Bottle Rinsers in the Bottling Industry

Chain wear, stretch, and vibration resulted in significant production loss for this bottle rinser. With Gates Poly Chain, the company saved over $175,000 in the first year alone.