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PowerLink® Belts

We've specially designed our G-Force® Powerlink® drive belts for your motorized Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) applications, including street-legal, step-through scooters, and Go-Karts. Gates® Powerlink® belts are available in two types: Conventional belt, which offers OE-equivalent performance and exceptional durability, and our Premium belt, designed for reliable durability in your high performance applications.

  • Exact speed control
  • Maximum speed adjustment
  • Fast and easy acceleration
  • Smooth scooter operation
  • For applications with 50-150cc range

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Part # Product # Description Outside Circumference (in) Outside Circumference (mm) Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm) Top Width (in) Top Width (mm) Section Num. Ribs Angle Notched Num Strands
PL20110 98081110 PL20110 POWERLINK STD BELT 25.236 641 0.61 15.5 30 false
PL20205 98081205 PL20205 POWERLINK STD BELT 30.709 780 0.649 16.5 30 false
PL20206 98081206 PL20206 POWERLINK STD BELT 30.78 782 0.63 16 30 false
PL20207 98081207 PL20207 POWERLINK STD BELT 30.906 785 0.65 16.6 28 false
PL20208 98081208 PL20208 POWERLINK STD BELT 27.09 688 0.649 16.5 30 false
PL20302 98081302 PL20302 POWERLINK STD BELT 29.803 757 0.669 17 28 false
PL20303 98081303 PL20303 POWERLINK STD BELT 31.417 798 0.669 17 28 false
PL20304 98081304 PL20304 POWERLINK STD BELT 32.874 835 0.669 17 28 false
PL20403 98081403 PL20403 POWERLINK STD BELT 28.504 724 0.688 17.5 28 false
PL20501 98081501 PL20501 POWERLINK STD BELT 31.693 805 0.708 18 28 false
1-10 of 46 Items

Poor Acceleration? The Problem may be your Belt.

Your scooter and compact recreational vehicle belt is located in the Continuous Variable Transmission, or CVT, drive. The CVT drive system has two adjustable pulleys with one drive belt, which adjusts during acceleration or deceleration. Your belt dimension, quality, and fit to the pulleys is crucial to your scooter performance, for example, a belt that's too long will reduce your acceleration capabilities. Built to OE requirements, Gates® PowerLink™ belts stand up to the challenging requirements of today's scooters. We've tested our PowerLink™ belts in a variety of vehicles and riding conditions to ensure high performance, exceptional durability, and smooth acceleration.

If it Moves, it Probably Moves with Gates.

As a global leader in power transmission, we're always working to create innovative, efficient solutions for every application. When it came to our PowerLink belts, we leveraged our advanced technologies, materials, and experience as experts in the automotive aftermarket to create a scooter-specific, OE-equivalent belt with exceptional thermostability, durability, and wear-resistance for your CVT applications.


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