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    Power Round® Belts

    Power Round™ belts are designed for more demanding applications and are able to steadily maintain rotating parts in your power transmission systems with virtually no maintenance or retensioning.

    • Flex-bonded cords are chemically forged to the belt body, providing equal load distribution and bending stress absorption without cord deterioration.
    • Flex-Weave™ oil and heat resistant cover protects the belt core from the toughest environments. The Power Round variant is a double-layer cover for extended protection.
    • Power Round variant also features an Alignment Stripe that runs the entire length of the belt to aid in eliminating belt twist during installation. Minimal stretch for minimum take-up requirements. No splice for added durability.
    • Power Round and Round Endless belts are ideal for quarter-turn or twisted drives, serpentine drives, power turn and line shaft conveyors and commercial sewing machines.
    • Meets ARPM/RMA IP-3-2 oil and heat resistant standards and IP-3-3 static conductivity requirements. REACH and RoHS 2 compliant.