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Polyflex® Belts

Gates® Polyflex® Belts provide a versatile power transmission solution when space is at a premium. Their unique 60° angle polyurethane construction transmits greater loads at higher speeds in less space than conventional V-belts.

  • Polyurethane is extremely resistant to heat, chemicals and oil
  • Temperature range: -65°F up to 185°F (-54°C up to 85°C)
  • Improves adhesion to the tensile cords

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Outside Circumference (in) Outside Circumference (mm) Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm) Top Width (in) Top Width (mm) Section Num. Ribs Angle Notched Num Strands
11M1000 / 11M1000 89041000 11M1000 POLYFLEX 39.37 1000 11M false
11M1030 / 11M1030 89041030 11M1030 POLYFLEX 40.55 1030 11M false
11M1060 / 11M1060 89041060 11M1060 POLYFLEX 41.73 1060 11M false
11M1090 / 11M1090 89041090 11M1090 POLYFLEX 42.91 1090 11M false
11M1120 / 11M1120 89041120 11M1120 POLYFLEX 44.09 1120 11M false
11M1150 / 11M1150 89041150 11M1150 POLYFLEX 45.28 1150 11M false
11M1180 / 11M1180 89041180 11M1180 POLYFLEX 46.46 1180 11M false
11M1220 / 11M1220 89041220 11M1220 POLYFLEX 48.03 1220 11M false
11M1250 / 11M1250 89041250 11M1250 POLYFLEX 49.21 1250 11M false
11M1280 / 11M1280 89041280 11M1280 POLYFLEX 50.39 1280 11M false
1-10 of 211 Items

Big Power for Small Spaces

Polyflex™ Belts were specially designed to transmit maximum power for a variety of small precision v-belt drive applications. The belt's ribs are designed to reduce bending stress on miniaturized drive components, while their 60° angle construction provides added support for even load distribution. This enable their use in high-performance, precision applications, accommodating shaft speeds in excess of 10,000 rpm.

Features and Benefits

  • Uniformity is ensured because the polyurethane compound is not layered but cast without overlaps for smooth running and low vibration
  • High Modulus Polyurethane compound (HMPE) resists fatigue, wear, ozone, and most environmental conditions
  • Precision casting eliminates layers and overlaps to enable low vibration operation
  • Ribbed backing provides greater lateral stability and relieves bending stress
  • Custom-made sheaves can be ordered through the Gates MachineWorks team

A Material Difference

Every Gates® power transmission product is made at the leading edge of material science and manufacturing processes. Gates Polyflex™ Belts are precision cast, using our own proprietary process that forms the belt in a seamless, single layer. Their HDPE compound construction provides material properties that combine strength, flexibility, and high temperature tolerance. The result is a precision application belt that provides exceptional load-carrying capacity, application versatility, and durability.


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