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Dubl-V Feather Picker Belts

Dubl-V Feather Picker Belts are double V-belts engineered to meet the demands of poultry processing equipment.

  • Clean Running, fully wrapped construction, eliminates debris and dust concerns found in competitive double notch belts.
  • Flex-Bonded Cords are strongly bonded to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
  • The Flex-Weave® Cover is constructed for longer cover life, providing extended protection to the core of the belt from oil, dirt, and heat.
  • Unique Flexible Performance (FP) construction for superior flexibility and fatigue resistance on small diameter sheaves, during back bends and under mis-alignment.

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Part # Product # Description Outside Circumference (in) Outside Circumference (mm) Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm) Top Width (in) Top Width (mm) Section Num. Ribs Angle Notched Num Strands
AA148FP / AA148FP 92406179 AA148FP AA false
BB155FP / BB155FP 96580077 BB155FP BB false
BB158FP / BB158FP 96580071 BB158FP BB false
BB172FP / BB172FP 96580075 BB172FP BB false
1-4 of 4 Items