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Product #  90984058

With a proprietary construction, Gates Tri-Power® PowerBand® belt has a superior combination of flex and load carrying capacity. This belt is engineered to transmit more horsepower than the classic cross sections in the same amount of drive space.

  • Belt Edge is machined for even sheave groove contact, resulting in smoother running, less slip and wear.
  • Flex-Bonded Cords are strongly forged to the belt body, resulting in equal load distribution and absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
  • Notches molded into the belt during manufacturing increase flexibility, making this belt well suited for drives with smaller diameter sheaves.
  • Patented Ethylene Material construction provides -51°C to +121°C (-60°F to +250°F) temperature range to resist belt cracking.
  • 15% capacity increase over wrapped belts.
  • Product Details
    Part # 4/BX58
    Product # 90984058
    UPC 072053505313
    Cross Section BX
    Effective Length (in) 60.61
    Effective Length (mm) 1539
    Outside Circumference (in) 61.51
    Outside Circumference (mm) 1562
    Section BX
    Number of Strands 12
    Top Width (in) 2.93
    Top Width (mm) 74
    Angle 38
    Thickness (in) 0.46
    Thickness (mm) 12
  • Application
    Markets/Applications Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where space, weight and horsepower capacity are critical.
  • Construction
    Material Gates Ethylene Compound
  • Notes
    Belt Notes For example, 90983063 represents a "BX" section PowerBand® (9098) with 3 strands (3) that is 63.0 inches (063) long.
    Recommended For Multi-Duty® Sheaves (B, C)
  • Packaging details
    Customer Pack 1
    Weight (lbs.) 2.8

Perfect Belts for Imperfect Conditions.

Over time, belts fail from heat cracks, stretching, or excessive wear. Belt re-tensioning and replacement leads to downtime, inefficiency, and loss of productivity. Our molded notch V-belts, including the Tri-Power belt line, offer a patented, new ethylene construction to keep your operations running when other belts fail.

Longer Life at Extreme Temperatures.

Ethylene rubber material (EPDM) resists hardening to avoid cracking with 88% broader temperature range compared to other belt materials, with a range from -51°C to +121°C (-60°F to +250°F). Gates® Tri-Power PowerBand belts meet ARPM/RMA standards for oil and heat resistance as well as static conductivity.


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