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Super HC® V-Belts

The Gates® Super HC® V-belt combines the strength of a wrapped belt construction with the economies of a narrow section V-belt. It transmits more power in a given space and allows more compact drive design than classical section V-belts. In short, it offers you more power and considerably reduces the space needed. This significantly cuts the overall drive cost. Super HC® V-belts also have exclusive Gates construction features for longer life on your drives!

  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards and static conductivity requirements.
  • Up to 300% capacity increase over classical belts.
  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F).

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Top Width (in) Top Width (mm) Section
3V1000 933261000 3V1000 SUPER HC V BELT 0.38 10 3V
3V1000 / 3V1000 93321000 3V1000 SUPER HC V BELT 3V
3V1060 933261060 3V1060 SUPER HC V BELT 0.38 10 3V
3V1060 / 3V1060 93321060 3V1060 SUPER HC V BELT 3V
3V1120 933261120 3V1120 SUPER HC V BELT 0.38 10 3V
3V1120 / 3V1120 93321120 3V1120 SUPER HC V BELT 3V
3V1180 933261180 3V1180 SUPER HC V BELT 0.38 10 3V
3V1180 / 3V1180 93321180 3V1180 SUPER HC V BELT 3V
3V1250 933261250 3V1250 SUPER HC V BELT 0.38 10 3V
3V1250 / 3V1250 93321250 3V1250 SUPER HC V BELT 3V
1-10 of 161 Items


Gates® Super HC® combines the strength of wrapped belt construction with the ergonomics of a narrow section V-belt, allowing your Super HC® V-belt to transmit more power in up to 50% reduced space, with a design that's significantly more compact than classical section V-belts. This means more power, less space, and less overall drive costs in your operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Flex-Bonded Cords are strongly forged to the belt body, resulting in equal load distribution, resistance to fatigue and shockloads, and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
  • Arched top, concave sidewalls and rounded corners provide uniform tensile loading and uniform pulley sidewall contact for excellent belt service and reduced pulley wear.
  • Notches molded into the belt during manufacturing increase flexibility, making this belt well suited for drives with smaller diameter sheaves.
  • The Flex-Weave® Cover is constructed for longer cover life, providing extended protection to the core of the belt from oil, dirt, and heat.
  • Gates Curves provide proper cord support and full contact with the sheave groove for uniform loading, uniform wear, and increased belt life.
  • The vulcanized Flex-bonded tensile cords provide superior resistance to tensile and flexing forces, fatigue and shock loads.
  • Belt Edge is machined for even sheave groove contact resulting in smoother running, less slip, and wear.
  • The belt will not catch fire from heat buildup, even with severe slippage.
  • The Flex-Weave® oil and heat resistant cover protects the belt.
  • Gates® Super HC® belts are available in 3V, 5V, and 8V cross-sections.


The strong yet flexible Gates® Super HC® belts are a high-performance power transmission solution suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. You'll find Super HC® belts working hard in construction, mining, off-highway, agriculture, aggregates, HVAC, general processing facilities, and much more. And because we offer our V-belts in a broad range of sizes, you'll always find a perfect fit for your unique application demands.


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