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Quad-Power® 4 Powerband®

The PowerBand® construction allows multiple belts to function as a single unit, with even load distribution and each strand fitting securely in the sheave groove. Recommended for multiple V-belt drives exposed to pulsating or heavy shock loads which can make belts whip, turn over, slip, or jump off the drive.

  • Flex-Bonded Cords are strongly bonded to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
  • Notches molded into the belt during manufacturing increase flexibility, making this belt well suited for drives with smaller diameter sheaves.
  • Patented Ethylene (EPDM) Material construction provides -60°F to +250°F (-51°C to +121°C) temperature range to resist belt cracking.
  • The Tie Band assures high lateral rigidity, guiding the belt in a straight line and preventing it from coming off the drive.
  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards and static conductivity requirements.

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10/3VX1000 / 10/3VX1000 938810100 10/3VX1000 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX1060 / 10/3VX1060 938810106 10/3VX1060 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX1120 / 10/3VX1120 938810112 10/3VX1120 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX1180 / 10/3VX1180 938810118 10/3VX1180 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX1250 / 10/3VX1250 938810125 10/3VX1250 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX1320 / 10/3VX1320 938810132 10/3VX1320 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX1400 / 10/3VX1400 938810140 10/3VX1400 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX300 / 10/3VX300 938810030 10/3VX300 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX315 / 10/3VX315 938810031 10/3VX315 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
10/3VX335 / 10/3VX335 938810033 10/3VX335 SPR HC NTCH PWRBD 3VX
1-10 of 721 Items


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