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PowerBack® Belts

Specifically designed for live roller conveyor applications, this modified "B" section belt has a special flat back to increase top surface contact with Roll and from Roll to Roll.

  • Flat Back provides greater top surface contact with roll and from roll to roll.
  • Flex-Bonded Cords are strongly bonded to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.

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Part # Product # Description Outside Circumference (in) Outside Circumference (mm) Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm) Top Width (in) Top Width (mm) Section Num. Ribs Angle Notched Num Strands
B101PB / B101PB 90038101 B101PB 104 B false
B113PB / B113PB 90038113 B113PB 116 B false
B125PB / B125PB 90038125 B125PB 128 B false
B137PB / B137PB 90038137 B137PB 140 B false
B149PB / B149PB 90038149 B149PB 152 B false
B161PB / B161PB 90038161 B161PB 164 B false
B185PB / B185PB 90038185 B185PB 188 B false
B197PB / B197PB 90038197 B197PB 200 B false
B211PB / B211PB 90038211 B211PB 212 B false
B247PB / B247PB 90038247 B247PB 248 B false
1-10 of 12 Items