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    Super Flex™ Polar Belt

    Gates® Super Flex™ Polar belts are truly endless extruded belts with helically wound steel cords designed for high flexibility with all Gates backing and profile options. With advancements in materials science, design engineering and processing technologies, Gates delivers highly flexible endless timing belts for applications operating at temperatures down to -30°C. Super Flex™ Polar belts are the number one choice to create customized solutions for high power transmission drives and heavy load conveying applications.

    • Optional nylon fabric on tooth side reduces friction for improved efficiency and quieter operation.
    • Extensive range of sizes and widths from 1.5 - 22.5m.
    • Over 30 backing material options.
    • 3000+ welded profile designs.

    For more information, please reach out to us via email at or by phone at +49 (0) 6157-9727-0.

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    Application advantages you can count on.

    Gates® SUPER Flex™ POLAR belts serve demanding drives and conveying applications in the most diverse industries and markets:

    • Deep freeze storage systems.
    • Cold ambient temperature.
    • Outdoor equipment and technical installations.
    • Offshore plants.
    • Glass and ceramics industry.
    • Packaging industry.
    • Intra-logistics.
    • Wood, paper and furniture industry.
    • Textile industry.
    • Machine tools.

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