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    Synchro-Power™ Industrial Belting Fabrication and Accessories

    Customization to your application is our business. Gates TPU offers countless options - thousands of profiles, dozens of backings, and a wide range of fabrication / special processing capabilities such as CNC machining to ensure superior belt performance in your specific application. Our best-in-class engineering and support teams will work with yours to develop the best solution for your application. Gates TPU offers a complementary line of timing pulleys for a complete belt system solution. Single sourced timing belts and pulleys ensure optimal belt drive performance. In addition to pulley solutions, Gates TPU offers a full range of clamp plates to match any project need. Clamp plates are often used to anchor belt ends in motion control applications; our standard clamp plate engages eight teeth and has an end cutoff designed to prevent cord fatigue.

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    Use our profile selector tool to configure custom profile options for Gates TPU belting.



    Gates TPU timing belts can be customized with attached profiles to meet your specific demands in a range of linear positioning and conveyance application environments. These profiles can be molded in virtually any configuration for holding, pushing, lifting, or actuating, making our profile belts ideal for your assembly, packaging, inserting, and other automation equipment requirements.

    • Over 3,000 profile designs available in 85 and 92 Shore A hardness; all FDA compliant.
    • Non-marking, durable urethane constructions that can be molded to virtually any custom configuration.
    • Available with metal inserts for custom attachments.

    Use our profile selector tool to configure custom profile options for Gates TPU belting.




    If your product requires special handling on the production line, you may want to consider customized backings. Our backings can provide specialized belt capabilities, like improved belt grip, decreased/increased coefficient of friction, and increased abrasion resistance. We can produce a wide variety of timing belt and backing material combinations.

    • More than 30 available backings offer varying levels of cushioning, durability, and chemical resistance:
        • TPU backings: abrasion-resistant, resilient, durable, highly chemical resistant.
        • Rubber backings: high coefficient of friction and wide temperature range.
        • Foam backings: excellent compressibility, good resistance against chemicals.
        • PVC backings: excellent coefficient of friction, good resistance against chemicals and lubricants.
        • Fabric backings: low friction and high wear resistance.


    Gates TPU offers a variety of secondary fabrication possibilities to complement our base belt manufacturing capabilities. We can provide a complete belt customization solution, including: grinding edges and surfaces to tight tolerances; punching and machining holes and slots; and CNC machining of three dimensional contours.

    • Special processing:
        • Grinding, milling, punching, and a range of other capabilities available upon request.
        • Holes/perforations, vacuum pockets, slots, grooves, etc.
        • Ability to conform to unusual product shapes and configurations.

    Custom Pulley Program

    Recognizing that any project may have unique pulley requirements, Gates TPU offers a range of custom pulleys that are precision machined to meet demanding ISO standards for belt tooth profile engagement. Pulleys can be supplied with either flanges or V-guide grooves for belt tracking and design options to include bore sizes, keyways, keyless bushings, etc. Additional available options include the following:

    Clamp Plate Program

    • Custom designs available in addition to our standard eight-tooth construction.
    • Available in various materials and finishes.