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    Synchro-Power™ Sleeve

    Gates TPU Sleeves are manufactured as truly endless synchronous belts with no splice and are designed for applications requiring higher strength and stiffness than a welded belt can provide. We offer various sizes and tooth profiles that provide high performance across a wide range of loads, speeds, and applications. Belt lengths are available up to 2.25m (2,250 mm).

    • Exceptional rigidity, stability, and reduced tooth flexing in the overall system.
    • Delivers a clean, quiet, and smooth-running operation with minimal maintenance.
    • Wide range of tooth profiles meeting broad application requirements.

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    Truly Endless Sleeves are designed for power transmission and high-performance positioning applications such as: automatic assembly operations, printing applications, conveying equipment, packaging machinery, and many more. Gates TPU Sleeves are produced on fixed molds with continuously wound steel or aramid cord and are available in a range of sizes and tooth profiles.

    Features and Benefits

    • Helically wound cords for high-strength and high-performance applications that require minimal elongation and exceptional flexibility.
    • High resistance to abrasion and exposure to chemical, ozone, oils, grease, and other lubricants.
    • Standard temperature range: -5°C to +70°C (+23°F to +158°F).
    • Low installation tension.

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