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    Synchro-Power™ Wide

    Gates TPU Wide Timing Belts are commonly used in applications demanding precise product positioning and in product conveyance requiring additional width. These belts enable synchronous conveying for higher precision positioning and are often used as process conveyor belts when product conversion steps occur while it is transported. Wide timing belts are a supplementary solution to flat conveyor belts and provide a premium alternative to modular chains and flat belting through synchronous, precise conveying.

    • Ideal for high-speed conveying, rapid indexing, bulk product conveying, or as automated process conveyor belts.
    • Widths available up to 450mm (18").
    • Parallel construction of high strength aramid cords eliminates exposed cord.

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    Application advantages you can count on.

    Our Wide Timing Belts are designed for rapid indexing and bulk product conveying. Wide Belts are primarily used as process conveyor belts where product conversion steps occur on the belt. The high-strength, uniform tension, and parallel cord construction enables increased production speed, provides better tracking, and eliminates exposed cord. Gates TPU Wide Timing Belts are commonly used for: high speed conveying, rapid indexing, automated process conveyor belts, bulk product conveying, and clean room or wash down environments.

    Features and Benefits

    • Countless customization options offered by our broad fabrication capabilities, including welded profiles, added backings, and numerous machining options, such as grinding, punching, and slitting.
    • Synchronized timing belt construction eliminates slippage and offers higher indexing / positioning accuracy.
    • Positive drive feature enables the use of smaller diameter pulleys when compared to flat conveyor belts.
    • Lower required belt tension results in lower shaft and bearing loads.
    • Standard Temperature range: -5°C to +70°C (+23°F to +158°F).
    • Special TPU grade for food contact available.