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    CenterClean™ Belts

    Gates TPU CenterClean™ Belts are designed for self-tracking and troughing applications as well as general processing conveyance. Constructed of flexible urethane and sealed aramid tensile members, CenterClean™ Belts can be run on a wide range of pulley diameters with minimal belt stretch. This center-driven, easy-to-clean, and self-tracking belt is FDA-approved, EU-compliant, and USDA-accepted. Various high performance surface textures are available to meet specific product release, placement, and control needs.

    • Smooth urethane surface allows superior cleaning at the microbiological level, facilitating an effective clean-in-place process.
    • Direct replacement of most 40mm pitch, monolithic, urethane food grade belts.
    • Sealed edges and tensile members prevent ingress of microbes.
    • Designed for ease of use in wash down environments – easier to clean and weighs significantly less than plastic modular belting.
    • Ideal for troughing applications – aramid tensile cords limit belt stretch and provide dimensional stability.

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    Application Advantages you can count on.

    Our CenterClean™ Belts are specifically formulated for wash down environments and high speed conveying. CenterClean™ Belts are self-tracking and maintain dimensional stability under high temperatures and loads all while operating quietly and efficiently.


    Meets material requirements for wet food contact


    For meat, poultry and dairy processingequipment


    Meets material requirements for wet food contact

    Features and Benefits

    Our CenterClean™ Belts are designed for self-tracking, troughing, and general processing conveyance applications that require positive drive for higher loads and greater acceleration or deceleration requirements.

    • Positive-drive design handles higher loads at lower belt tension versus flat conveyor belt.
    • Easy installation – can be welded for endless construction or spliced with mechanical fasteners, including Gates PosiLace™.
    • Customizable – numerous options available, including cleats and surface textures.
    • Drops into several common center-drive pulley configurations.
    • 40-50% average savings of water usage, labor, and waste water disposal, leading to a lower total cost of ownership versus plastic modular belting.
    • Self-tracking and constructed with aramid tensile members to provide high strength, low stretch characteristics and allow the belt to maintain dimensional stability under elevated temperatures and loads.
    • Available in cold temperature and metal detectable resins.
    • Widths available up to 48”.
    • Suitable for cold temperature, metal detectable, and high strength applications.