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    Synchro-Clean™ Food Grade Fabrication and Accessories

    Gates TPU Synchro-Clean Food Grade Belting product line comes with a wide variety of fabrication options customized to fit your specific applications, including sidewalls, cleats, V-guides, and other accessories. Multiple joining options are also available and include mechanical fastening, finger welding, and split tooth welding. Gates TPU provides made-to-order sprocket offerings for a perfect fit and installation every time. Contact our product specialists to determine which option best fits your specific application.

    • Corrugated sidewalls can be added to any food belt to contain product during processing.
    • Straight cleats, scoop cleats, and gusseted cleats available.
    • Integrated surface structures.
    • Gates TPU PosiLace™ fastening is industry leading and allows for fast, tool-free belt installations in lightweight to medium load applications.

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    Gates TPU belts can be spliced in a host of different ways, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs. Belts can be quickly spliced with our industry leading PosiLace™ or other mechanical fasteners as well as the standard finger and butt welds.

  • PosiLace™ prevents the ingress of microbes, is easy to clean, allows for the use of belt scrapers, includes a unique self-locking pin, and enables the removal and replacement of the belt as often as desired. This pin fastened method meets low to medium load requirements without welding.
  • Thermally welding two prepared ends together allows for a seamless finish that minimizes the potential for bacteria growth. Several welding techniques are available including finger splicing and butt weld.
  • Sprockets

    Perfect fit, easy installation, and simple removal - that’s the quality you’ll find with Gates TPU sprockets. Gates TPU offers a wide variety of sprockets to fit your food processing application. Sprockets are available in metric and imperial shafts for all of our food grade belt products. If your application demands non-standard sprockets, Gates TPU offers customizable system components with our Made-to-Order engineering services.


    Gates TPU provides a wide range of secondary fabrication possibilities to meet your application needs. Whether grinding edges and surfaces to tight tolerances, punching and machining holes and slots, or CNC machining of three-dimensional contours, we can provide a complete solution.

    • Broad range of customization options, including non-standard shapes, contours and configurations.
    • Precision grinding for tighter tolerances.
    • Holes, slots, and any CNC machined shape in the belt surface.
    • Combination of primary tooling and secondary machining can achieve any design objective.
    • V-guides in various sizes can be applied to either side of the belt.


    For increased conveying control and material transport, structured surface textures, cleats, and sidewalls can be added to Gates TPU food grade belts during the production process. Contact our product specialists to learn what custom accessory combinations are available for your desired product and application. Precision grinding for tighter tolerances.

    • Corrugated sidewalls available on all food belt products.
    • Straight Cleats, Scoop Cleats, and Gusseted Cleats available.
    • Sawtooth (ST), Inverted Tetrahedron (IT), Inverted Pyramid (IP), and Crescent Top (CT) structured surface textures.