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PowerGrip® GT™2 Twin Power® Timing Belts

PowerGrip® GT®2 Twin Power® Belts feature dual-sided teeth to provide equal load carrying capacity on either belt surface, enabling synchronization from both driving surfaces. These synchronous belts ensure high loading capacity on contra-rotating drives and ensure smooth running and high flexibility. Gates Twin Power® PowerGrip® GT2 belts are designed to perform at high speeds and characterized by low running noise, with a larger tooth profile for increased performance capacity.

  • Virtually maintenance-free with no lubrication requirements and minimal re-tensioning needs.
  • Belt capacity is equal to standard single-sided PowerGrip® timing belts.
  • Substantially quieter operation enables wide application usage.

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Part # Product # Description Number of Teeth Section Pitch (mm) Profile Width (mm) Material
92320195 TP5740-14MGT-40 410 14MGT 5740 GT 40 CR
92320183 TP3360-14MGT-115 240 14MGT 3360 GT 115 CR
92320184 TP3360-14MGT-170 240 14MGT 3360 GT 170 CR
92320180 TP3360-14MGT-40 240 14MGT 3360 GT 40 CR
92320181 TP3360-14MGT-55 240 14MGT 3360 GT 55 CR
92320182 TP3360-14MGT-85 240 14MGT 3360 GT 85 CR
92320188 TP4956-14MGT-115 354 14MGT 4956 115 CR
92320189 TP4956-14MGT-170 354 14MGT 4956 170 CR
92320185 TP4956-14MGT-40 354 14MGT 4956 GT 40 CR
92320186 TP4956-14MGT-55 354 14MGT 4956 GT 55 CR
1-10 of 242 Items


PowerGrip® GT™2 Twin Power® Belts are designed to transmit up to 100% of its load carrying capacity on either side of the belt, or be used in applications that transmit fractional loads to both sides. This enables synchronization from both drive surfaces. Additionally, the belt is designed to limit noise emissions, enabling the belts to be employed in a variety of precision and public-facing applications, from robotics and medical devices to vending and currency handling machinery.

Features and Benefits

  • Transmits up to 100% of its maximum rated load from either side of the belt.
  • Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, and high stretch resistance.
  • Double loading capacity over equivalent Twin Power® PowerGrip® HTD
  • Temperature range: -22°F to 212°F (-30°C to + 100°C).
  • Neoprene body resists moisture and contaminants.
  • Non-slip positive drive.
  • Running at low noise.
  • Perfect fit on HTD® profile pulleys.
  • Available in 8MGT, 14MGT pitch.


GT™ stands for Gates® Tooth, our proprietary modified curvilinear belt tooth profile. In PowerGrip® GT™2 Twin Power® Belts, the fiberglass tensile cords and neoprene body are completed with a nylon tooth cover that provides high resistance to tooth jump for non-slip usage and exceptional belt life.