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PowerGrip® GT®2 Belts

The PowerGrip® GT®2 Belts belt is the performance choice for a wide variety of high-speed drive applications with twice the rating of PowerGrip GT and HTD belts. These GT2 belts are a direct replacement for most 8mm and 14mm pitch standard rubber RPP and HTD synchronous belts.

  • More Tooth Ratchet Resistance than HTD.
  • Eliminates Lubrication & Re-tensioning.
  • Single Twist Cord Stabilizes Belt.
  • Fiberglass Tensile Cord.
  • Nylon Tooth Facing.
  • Neoprene Body.

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Part # Product # Description
92319381 5320-14MGT2
92099288 1280-8MGT2
92099293 880-8MGT2
92099294 800-8MGT2
92099295 720-8MGT2
92099296 640-8MGT2
92099297 600-8MGT2
92099291 1040-8MGT2
92099298 560-8MGT2
92099285 1760-8MGT2
1-10 of 41 Items