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Poly Chain® GT™2 Sprockets

Genuine, strong, durable sprockets designed for use with high power density Gates® Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt®, Poly Chain® GT™2, and Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ belts.

  • Smaller, narrower sprockets save shaft space, keep the load closer to bearing and extend life of reducer.
  • Poly Chain® GT™2 Sprockets keep overhung load below manufacturers' recommendation.
  • Precisely manufactured and statically balanced to ISO 1940 (1973) to class G16.

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Part # Product # Description Pitch Diameter Rebore Bore Bushing Bore Range Min Bore Range Max Profile
14MX112S125 / 14MX-112S-125 77198112 14MX-112S-125 6050 19.65 in false 6050 4.9375 in 6 in GT
14MX112S20 / 14MX-112S-20 77192112 14MX-112S-20 3525 19.65 in false 3525 1.1875 in 3.9375 in GT
14MX112S37 / 14MX-112S-37 77193112 14MX-112S-37 3525 19.65 in false 3525 1.1875 in 3.9375 in GT
14MX112S68 / 14MX-112S-68 77196112 14MX-112S-68 4030 19.65 in false 4030 1.4375 in 4.4375 in GT
14MX112S90 / 14MX-112S-90 77199112 14MX-112S-90 4535 19.65 in false 4535 1.9375 in 4.9375 in GT
14MX126S20 / 14MX-126S-20 77192126 14MX-126S-20 3525 22.106 in false 3525 1.1875 in 3.9375 in GT
14MX126S37 / 14MX-126S-37 77193126 14MX-126S-37 3525 22.106 in false 3525 1.1875 in 3.9375 in GT
14MX140S125 / 14MX-140S-125 77198140 14MX-140S-125 6050 24.56 in false 6050 4.9375 in 6 in GT
14MX140S20 / 14MX-140S-20 77192140 14MX-140S-20 3525 24.562 in false 3525 1.1875 in 3.9375 in GT
14MX140S37 / 14MX-140S-37 77193140 14MX-140S-37 3525 24.562 in false 3525 1.1875 in 3.9375 in GT
1-10 of 459 Items


With patented, carbon tensile cord design for high-torque, low-speed drives, Gates® engineers were the first in the world to incorporate a high fatigue-resisting carbon fiber tensile cord into the belt, which is made of a new polyurethane compound. Consequently, Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ quickly became the most powerful line of synchronous belts on the market, providing a maintenance-free, energy saving, and environmentally friendly operation, offering an excellent alternative to roller chain and gear drives.

Features and Benefits

  • Keep overhung load below manufacturers recommendation.
  • Full split in bushing allows for easy installation and removal.
  • Precise sprocket design produces positive, press fit to shaft.
  • Re-work services have turnaround time.
  • Warning: Do NOT use these sprockets with rim speeds in excess of 6,500 fpm.


With Gates® MachineWorks services, our product application experts work with you or your facility manager to customize drive components in a variety of bores, styles, materials, and finishes for your non-standard and prototype power transmission and belt drive applications.