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Curve Saw Poly Chain® GT™2 Belts

An innovative construction combined with the Gates tooth profile makes the Curve Saw Belt compact and lightweight with extraordinary strength and load carrying capacity. The Curve Saw Belt can be used on the toughest shock loaded applications to reduce down time.

  • Fully operational in temperature extremes of -65°F to +185°F (-54°C to +85°C).
  • Gates patented curvilinear tooth profile provides high shear strength, and improved load carrying capacity.
  • Nylon tooth facing reduces friction and eliminates the need for lubrication.
  • Significantly reduces log jams and associated down time.
  • Unique aramid tensile cord combines extraordinary strength and superior shock load capacity.

All Parts

Part # Product # Description Number of Teeth Pitch (mm) Profile Width (mm)
14M-2520-125PS 92790646 14M-2520-125PS 180 14 GT 125
14M-3136-125PS 92790647 14M-3136-125PS 224 14 GT 125
14M-3304-125PS 92790648 14M-3304-125PS 236 14 GT 125
14M-3500-125PS 92790649 14M-3500-125PS 250 14 GT 125