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    Poly Chain® ADV™ Belts

    Higher power than you’ve reached before. Narrower drives than ever before. Gates® engineers bring you the most powerful belt on the planet to apply to your most challenging applications. Poly Chain ADV™ is designed for significantly reduced weight and maintenance in your high-torque applications with limited space constraints.

    • Reduced maintenance, no lubrication, easy wash-down, resistance to chemicals, oil, pollutants, and abrasion, etc.
    • Manufactured using cutting-edge carbon fiber technology and proprietary tooth jacket material.
    • Temperature Range: -54°C to +85°C (-65°F to +185°F).

    Powerful Performance You Can Count on.

    stronger than Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ belts


    less force on your bearings than huge V-belts


    width savings when replacing multi-strand V-belts


    less weight than roller chain drives


    Your Poly Chain Solutions.

    Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ is the drive of choice when replacing chain, V-belts, older technology synchronous belts, and applications requiring wash down. Gates® created Poly Chain® ADV™ to include your extremely high horsepower applications and compact-space installations requiring the narrowest drive possible.

    No matter what your industry or application demands, you can always trust Gates® Poly Chain® solutions to reduce maintenance, component cost and weight, withstand corrosion and chemicals, and achieve energy savings when you replace your traditional V-belts.

    Features and Benefits

    • Red tooth facing distinguishes this belt from all other synchronous belt drive solutions.
    • Revolutionary material advancements deliver expanded application range.
    • No metal or metal wear for reduced weight and maintenance.
    • Engineered for easy installation.

    Machine Works

    Gates Drive experts get you up and running in no time. Any design, any material, and no minimums.

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