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BladeRunner® Belts

Gates BladeRunner belts are engineered to exactly match the composition, construction and fit of the original belts on the most common lawn and garden equipment. With appealing prices, superior durability, and a wide range of SKUs, you'll find OEM-quality lawn & garden belts for top brand names, including MTD, Murray, AYP, Bobcat, Homelite, Simplicity, Snapper, Toro and Exmark.

  • Aramid cord construction is utilized in many cases, providing longer service life during frequent and service shock loads.
  • Built to withstand the rigorous start and stop operation of lawn and garden equipment.
  • Meets or exceeds the performance of each specific application.
  • Exact OEM fit and construction means more value and longer life.
  • Reduces costly downtime and labor associated with replacing a belt.
  • Smooth operation during frequent and severe shock loads.
  • Superior performance over fractional horsepower belts on recommended applications.

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm) Top Width (in) Top Width (mm) Section Angle Notched
5701 92385701 5701 SPECIAL APPL BELT 0.5 13 HA 40 false
5707 92935454 5707 SPECIAL APPL BELT 0.59 15 false
5716 92970591 5716 SPECIAL APPL BELT 0.79 20 false
5718 92385718 5718 SPECIAL APPL BELT 1.25 32 HA 40 false
6183 82506183 6183 LAWN BELT 0.31 8 Flat false
6224 82206224 6224 LAWN BELT 0.5 13 4L 42 true
6234 92840044 6234 LAWN BELT 70.1 1780 0.5 13 AA 36 false
6354 92936354 6354 SPECIAL APPL BELT 0.79 20 false
6375 92840040 6375 LAWN BELT 73 1854 0.5 13 AA 36 false
6377 92246377 6377 SPECIAL APPL BELT 0.5 13 HA 40 false
1-10 of 667 Items

With several different styles and belt types, BladeRunner® belts are engineered to meet or exceed the OE part.



Belt Types


Exact Fit


Designed for the Outdoors.

Your lawn & garden equipment works long days in the sunlight, and therefore the heat, which potentially can cause belt deformation. Not to mention, your equipment is exposed to dirt, stones, debris, and chemical contaminants that can affect belt performance.

We've designed our BladeRunner® belts specifically for your outdoor applications, using advanced protective chemical treatments, unique tensile material construction, and testing every belt to some of the toughest standards in the industry.


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