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PowerClean™ Flush Tool & Accessories

Using clean water and compressed air, the Power Clean Flush Tool "water hammers" accumulated sludge and scale deposits without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. It cleans radiators, heat exchangers, hoses and engine blocks more effectively than conventional flushes, maintains system integrity and ensures warranty coverage on replacement parts, including water pumps.

  • The Gates® Power Clean Flush Tool patented process uses fixed dimensional control of the air and liquid flow paths.
  • The process allows air to pressurize the cleaning fluid to scrub deep into corners and crevices, eliminating trapped debris.
  • While the "pulse" is intensified with some limited back pressure, the pressure is immediately regulated to a safe level if a hard blockage exists eliminating the possibility of heater core damage from excessive system pressure.

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Part # Product # Description
91002 74680004 91002 PULSATING FLUSH TOOL
91002-1 746800041 91002-1 STORAGE CASE
91002-2 746800042 91002-2 PATENTED FLUSHING GUN
91002-3 746800043 91002-3 SMALL TIP FOR HEATER CORE
91002-4 746800044 91002-4 LARGE TIP FOR RADIATORS
91002-5 746800045 91002-5 5/8 HEATER HOSE CONNECTOR
91002-6 746800046 91002-6 3/4 HEATER HOSE CONNECTOR
91002-7 746800047 91002-7 WHIP HOUSE QUICK COUPLERS
91002-8 746800048 91002-8 BACKFLOW PREVENTER
91002-9 746800049 91002-9 4.5-INCH TRUCK FLUSH TIP
1-10 of 10 Items

Scrubs and removes sediment in the cooling system.