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Gates® System Smart Belt Education Display will help explain the importance of serpentine and timing belt systems maintenance, thereby giving you the confidence to invest in complete system replacement. By understanding how these systems work and wear together, you'll avoid expensive system failures. Be System Smart and replace the full serpentine or timing system, and not just a single part.

  • Dual-sided display rotates 360 degrees to show either Serpentine or Timing System.
  • 3D unit has real belts and moving system components.
  • Built-in brochure holder at top of display
  • 50 Be System Smart consumer brochures included
  • Sturdy construction sits securely on countertop
  • Size: 18"H x 10" W x 3"D

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Part # Product # Description
91046 76531020 91046 ABDS BELT DISPLAY MATL
91046D 76531021 91046D GATES MV DSPLY ONLY
91078 74681078 91078 ABDS/SBDS DISPLAY
1-3 of 3 Items