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PowerGrip® Timing Kits

Gates® is the world’s largest manufacturer of PowerGrip® Timing Belts and Timing Component Kits (TCKs). We designed kits for virtually every vehicle make and model, so technicians can conduct complete system replacements and streamline parts sourcing. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for over 35 vehicle manufacturers worldwide, our Timing Component Kits are OE-equivalent or better in service life, quality, and performance.

  • Popular kits covering over 43 million domestic and import vehicle applications and include actual OE tensioners and idlers
  • Designed for convenience, easy parts sourcing, and reduced customer comebacks
  • Gates warranty matches the original manufacturer's replacement intervals - not just for parts, but also for labor and other associated costs

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Part # Product # Description Type Contents
778260129 TCK1511 GIA Belt (T1511), Tensioner (T41183)
778260179 TCK917 GIA Belt (T917), Tensioner Pulley (T41154)
778260159 TCK741 GIA Belt (T741), Tensioner (T41296)
778260149 TCK1602 GIA 2 Belts (T1602, T724), 2 Tensioners (T41316, T42130), 2 Idlers (T42226)
778260139 TCK1568 GIA Belt (T1568), Tensioner (T43180), 3 Idlers (T42218, T42222, T42220)
778260029 TCK1013 GIA Belt (T1013), Tensioner (T41241)
778260189 TCK988 GIA Belt (T988), Tensioner (T41183)
778260169 TCK822 GIA Belt (T822), Tensioner (T41266)
778260209 TCK961 GIA
TCK014 77820008 TCK014 TIMING COMPONENT KIT Belt, Tensioner
1-10 of 233 Items

The High Stakes of Timing System Jobs

Timing systems are major jobs. Total system rebuilds can take 15 hours or more on interference engines, and ensuring your customer leaves your shop with a high-functioning, extended-life engine timing system is critical to your reputation and future business. Plus, replacement parts and labor on unpaid warranty jobs can cost you thousands.

With Gates® Timing System Component Kits, you can trust efficient, high performing, and cost-effective solutions that are built to better your business.

Complete, Easy Component Kit Solutions

Gates® Timing Component Kits are designed to make storage, inventory control, and product ordering simple in the shop. Your TCK comes complete with everything you need for easy, accurate installation at a bundled cost and exceptional OE-equivalent quality that you won't find anywhere else. Kits include belts, idler(s), tensioners, tensioner springs, supporting hardware, detailed installation instructions, and Technical Service Bulletins for troublesome applications. They are the total solution for any application.