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Gates® Solution Kits

Solution Kits are precision engineered by Gates – The world’s most experienced designer of accessory belt drive systems and manufacturer of premium quality parts.

  • Designed to solve OEM design issues or problematic drives.

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Part # Product # Description
22434K 79121434 22434K MICRO-V COMPONENT KIT
22690K 79121690 22690K MICRO-V COMPONENT KIT
26034975GK 79121949 26034975GK COMPONENT KIT
32948K1 79121948 32948K1 MICRO-V COMPONENT KIT
38185K 79121185 38185K SOLUTION KIT
38189K1 791211891 38189K1
38189K2 791211892 38189K2
38192MK1 791201921 38192MK1
38193MK1 791211931 38193MK1
38193MK2 791201932 38193MK2
1-10 of 31 Items


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