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    FleetRunner® Heavy Duty Serpentine Kits

    Gates FleetRunner® Heavy Duty Serpentine Kits make it easy to perform proper serpentine system service. One part number gets you everything you need in one package, so you can keep your fleet on the job. Some kits offer improvements over OE designs, solving problems that have been discovered through thousands of miles of heavy duty maintenance histories.

    • FleetRunner® belts are engineered to handle high mileage, high idle times, and high temperatures in abusive environments.
    • Tensioner round spring design and patented damping mechanism extend tensioner life.
    • Kit includes application-specific FleetRunner® Heavy Duty serpentine belt(s), FleetRunner® Drive Align Tensioner, idler pulleys as required, and hardware (where applicable) needed to perform a complete serpentine belt drive refresh.

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