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EuroGrip® Flexible Couplings

Gates EuroGrip® Flexible Couplings are developed to transmit torque to drive engine accessories and to dampen vibrations between two connected shafts, they relieve the stress that would result from a rigid coupling on applications where these 2 shafts are subject to misalignment and axial movement. Furthermore, they connect a decoupler pulley or a one-way clutch and accessory.

  • Controls damping characteristics and provides excellent long-term aging resistance.
  • Glass fiber cord provides excellent dimensional stability at high rotational speeds.
  • Lubricated jacket minimizes coupling and end piece wear and retains tooth integrity.

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EG1 99011000 EG1 Coupler Gates Dumfries 18 0.41
EG2 99011001 EG2 Coupler Gates Dumfries 18 0.41
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The Art of Material Science

EuroGrip™ Couplers build on Gates® decades of innovation in material science. The composite technology includes Glass fiber cord to provide superior stability at high RPM. Fiber-loaded cured HNBR increases torque transmission, controls dampening characteristics, and provides durability for the life of the engine. The lubricated jacket reduces component wear and retains tooth integrity. All of this culminates in a high quality OE solution for precise automotive power transmission applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Fiber-loaded HNBR construction maximises torque transmission capability and controls damping.
  • Predictable shear properties allow for component protection.
  • Zero backlash and no moving parts enable silent operation.
  • Excellent dimensional stability at high rotational speeds.
  • Flexible design accomodates component misalignment.
  • Designed for specific VW and Volvo vehicles.

OE Quality for the Aftermarket

Our long-standing partnerships working with automotive OEMs on production vehicles enable us to produce aftermarket parts of superior quality, durability, and performance. Building upon Gates® proven synchronous belt technology, our flexible EuroGrip™ Couplers connect the drive pulley to the decoupler pulley on the alternator and air conditioning compressor, working to dampen engine vibration and increase performance, and ensuring a perfect fit every time.


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