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PowerGrip® Timing Tensioners

Gates® PowerGrip® Timing Tensioners are engineered with OE-quality or OE-exact fit and performance, designed and tested to increase belt life, maintain optimal tension, and eliminate the need for tensioning operation during installation.

  • Premium bearings meet or exceed OE standards.
  • Metal components resist contamination with composite sealant.
  • Engineered with high strength, low weight, and quiet operation for efficient system operation.

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T41000 77861001 T41000 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41001 77861002 T41001 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41003 77861004 T41003 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41004 77861005 T41004 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41005 77861006 T41005 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41006 77861007 T41006 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41007 77861008 T41007 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41008 77861009 T41008 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41009 77861010 T41009 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
T41010 77861011 T41010 POWERGRIP MAN TB TNSNR
1-10 of 151 Items

Better Than The Original.

With Gates® PowerGrip® tensioners, you’ll get fit and performance that's equal to the original because they are the original. We work with the world's top OEMs to supply automotive power transmission solutions and bring the same quality, materials, and processes to our aftermarket solutions.

Then we take our OE-exact products and we work to make them better. Gates engineers analyze failure modes of OE designs, test them under various driving and speed conditions, and make continuous adjustments to improve performance, durability, and quality. So when you're with Gates automotive aftermarket, you're getting even better than the original.

Tensioners Technicians Love.

From our proprietary patents and distinguished industry reputation, to our rigorous manufacturing and quality-assurance processes, automotive technicians around the world partner with Gates for their aftermarket inventory. Our top quality tensioners not only give you and your customers an OE fit, but they're also designed and tested to reduce warranty and costly customer comebacks, increase customer satisfaction with better performing, longer lasting solutions, and drive sales opportunities with increased vehicle coverage and part availability. Now that's powering your automotive business progress.