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DriveAlign® Automatic Belt Tensioners

Gates is a global leader in Original Equipment System Design, and we bring the same OE-quality, durability, fit, and performance to our premium DriveAlign® Automatic Belt Tensioners. We ensure every tensioner is manufactured to rigid tolerances and specifications that guarantee OE fit, form, and function.

  • Comprehensive line includes parts to fit cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks.
  • Full line coverage for import, domestic, and heavy-duty cars, trucks, and vehicle applications.
  • Patented labyrinth seal protects internal components to meet or exceed OE life expectancy requirements.

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Part # Product # Description
38101 78081001 38101 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38102 78081002 38102 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38103 78081003 38103 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38104 78081004 38104 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38105 78081005 38105 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38106 78081006 38106 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38107 78081007 38107 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38108 78081008 38108 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38109 78081009 38109 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
38110 78081010 38110 DRIVEALIGN AUTO TNSNR
1-10 of 339 Items


The accessory belt drive tensioner automatically adjusts tension in the Micro-V® belt to ensure proper function and output of accessory components, dampens peak loads during engine acceleration and deceleration, and ensures your belts and engine perform when your vehicle needs them most. From casting quality to the design of internal components, we understand that every aspect of a tensioner is critical to long service life, which is why we've engineered our DriveAlign® tensioners to exceed some of the most rigorous quality and performance standards in the industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured using the same technology and quality materials as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part, assuring a factory match.
  • Patented vibration damping system absorbs extreme vibration to improve tensioner as well as belt and accessory life.
  • Torsional round spring design provides consistent tension and does not allow contamination.


With a full line, Gates is proud to engineer automotive solutions with some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. We manufacture our tensioners to meet or exceed OE specifications to ensure precise fit, exceptional performance, and maximum durability for virtually every vehicle on the road today.