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Tandem Sprocket

Ideal for tandem racing or long-distance touring, Gates® Carbon Drive™ for tandem bikes connects two riders to gain all the benefits of a light, smooth, clean ride. Carbon Drive minimizes backlash for a perfectly meshed system. Our tandem stoker drive is significantly lighter and lasts three times longer than an equivalent chain stoker drive. But the coolest part about the tandem stoker is that it can be retrofitted to any frame that meets the center distance requirements.

  • Significantly lighter weight
  • Lasts three times longer than an equivalent chain stoker drive
  • Huge improvement in power transfer

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Part # Product # Description Pitch Number of Grooves Width Pitch Diameter Rebore Bore Bushing Bore Range Min Bore Range Max Material Profile
CT08665AA 78980321 CT08665AA 8 mm false
CT08695AA 78980323 CT08695AA 8 mm false
CT08745AA 78980325 CT08745AA 8 mm false
1-3 of 3 Items